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Will My Insurance Cover Tesla?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

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People are increasingly interested in finding ways to protect the environment. They want to contribute to making things better. One such method is to purchase an electric vehicle rather than a conventional one. These vehicles may be more expensive, but many people believe that the money they save on gas will outweigh the additional costs.

In any case, you will need to obtain car insurance for your new vehicle. You may be wondering if you need to know anything special about purchasing insurance if you choose an electric vehicle. It is similar in some ways, but there are also differences.

Here are some ways that insurance for conventional and electric vehicles is the same.

You're still buying the same kind of insurance. You will investigate various plans, including liability, bodily injury, collision, and comprehensive coverage. You may want to purchase a better plan with collision and comprehensive insurance due to the increased cost of repairing your car. You don't want to be stranded without a car if it is totaled.

Most auto insurance companies cover electric vehicles. When it comes to electric vehicles, you can continue to use the same insurance company. Most of your larger insurance companies have begun providing coverage for these vehicle types.

Here are some of the ways car insurance differs.

Insurance for electric vehicles will be more expensive. Unfortunately, it is more expensive to repair or replace electric vehicles, so you should expect to pay more for insurance monthly or yearly.

With electric vehicles, you might not be able to get insurance discounts. Although most insurance companies offer discounts for a variety of reasons (multiple cars, bundling your home and auto, and so on), you may not be eligible for these discounts if you own an electric vehicle.

So, what should you know before purchasing electric vehicle insurance?

It is always a good idea to compare prices. You should never buy the first policy you come across. Instead, do some comparison shopping. Compare the plans of various insurance companies. However, keep in mind that not all plans are the same. To truly determine which plan offers you more for less, you must read the fine print.

You should not always choose the cheapest option. You should avoid going with the cheapest plan, no matter how much money you want to save. Even if it is sufficient to meet your state's minimum, it may cost you in the long run. Could you really afford to buy a new car if yours was totaled? If not, you should consider a comprehensive plan.

Seek out companies that will compensate you. Some companies offer discounts to those who only drive electric vehicles. They might be able to offer you a better deal than the other companies.

Do not be afraid to request discounts. Even if you are not eligible for any discounts, it never hurts to ask. You might be surprised by the answer, especially if you go in expecting no discounts.

Purchasing insurance for your electric vehicle is similar to purchasing insurance for a regular vehicle. You should still shop around at different businesses. You must also decide whether you want only liability coverage or collision and comprehensive coverage. However, because an electric vehicle is more expensive, you will most likely have to pay a little more for insurance. You may also be ineligible for discounts, but it never hurts to ask!

Contact us today to see what we have to offer, whether you have an electric or conventional vehicle.

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