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Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance Retcho Insurance Agency Closter New Jersey

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Commercial Property Insurance

Whether you own or have rented your business location, business property insurance protects your company's physical assets from unforeseen events such as fires, windstorms, theft, and vandalism. Physical assets covered by commercial property coverage could include business property that you own or rent, office equipment, furniture, fixtures, inventory, improvements and betterments and other items that you rely on to run your business. Commercial Property Insurance also includes business interruption insurance. So, if you can’t operate your small business or big business because of covered property damage, your policy can help replace your lost income.

When an unexpected loss causes disruption or even temporarily shuts down your business, your ability to recover quickly is critical. Commercial property insurance can provide the support and financial assistance needed to get your business back up and running.  Here are some examples of what's covered under Commercial Property Insurance:


  • Computers

  • Furniture and equipment

  • Exterior signs

  • Fence and landscaping

  • Important documents

  • Inventory

  • Others’ property

What Doesn’t Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

Keep in mind that your commercial property insurance policy may not cover all types of property damage. Here are some exclusions:

  • Flood

  • Earthquake

  • Terrorism

  • War and military action

  • Intentional damage

  • Nuclear hazard

  • Normal wear and tear

Other types of commercial insurance can be obtained to provide your company with additional protection against these types of claims.

Keep in mind that you will never find an insurance policy that covers exclusions such as intentional damage and normal wear and tear. It's simply not a risk appropriate for a commercial property insurance policy.

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