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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance Retcho Insurance Agency Closter New Jersey

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As insurance experts in New Jersey say, one can never have too much insurance. You do not know when something will happen that needs more coverage than your other usual policies cover. Because of this, it is always a good idea to consider getting that extra protection from Retcho Insurance Agency. Umbrella insurance comes in handy when you have exhausted the limits of your other policies. It will protect your finances, ensuring you do not have to cover extra expenses from out of pocket. With umbrella insurance in Closter, NJ, there are many types of coverage you can extend.

Property Damage Liability

When you are liable for a 3rd party’s property damage, your insurance policy will cover it up to a certain limit. But once you exhaust that limit, you do not have to cover those extra expenses. Umbrella insurance will help take care of whatever expenses remain.

Bodily Injury Liability

This is similar to property damage liability, only that it covers bodily harm instead of property. If you are responsible for a 3rd party’s injuries, such as injuries from your pet or car, an umbrella policy helps cover those additional expenses that may come up.

Rental Unit Liability Coverage

If you are a landlord, consider getting an umbrella insurance policy. It comes in handy when your tenants suffer bodily harm. An example is a tenant tripping and getting injured due to poor property maintenance.

General Liability Claims

You can be sued for certain liability claims such as libel and slander. When you have exhausted the limits of your policy, an umbrella policy will come in handy and cover those expenses on top. In addition, the policy can provide compensation if you are sued for false arrest and imprisonment, mental anguish, and malicious prosecution.

Residents of New Jersey who would like to enjoy this extra level of protection should get in touch with Retcho Agency. We can answer any questions you have regarding umbrella insurance in Closter, NJ, and help customize the right policy for you.

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