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Business Owner Policy

Business Owner Policy Retcho Insurance Agency Closter New Jersey

Business Owner Policy

A business owner policy, or BOP, is a small business insurance and mid sized business insurance in much the same way that a homeowner policy protects your home and family by combining property and liability insurance into one convenient package. It includes lot of the coverages found on commercial package designed for larger businesses. Think of it as a one policy solution for small businesses. The best part of BOP is that it is very affordable and tailor made for smaller businesses. Some of the BOP coverages include:

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  • Property insurance protects against covered loss to your business property, for your buildings, improvements and betterments and contents. A BOP policy, like most other policies, has certain coverage exclusions that you should be aware of. If you need protection for something that isn’t covered, policy endorsements might be available to extend coverage.

  • Business liability provides protection against claims and lawsuits arising from bodily injury or property damage to others. This includes protection against liabilities like customer injury and property damage, advertising injury, and product related claims.

  • Business interruption coverage replaces lost income if your business suffers a covered property loss and is forced to close down temporarily.

Call us and let us customize your business insurance coverage quote for you!

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