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RV Insurance

RV Insurance Retcho Insurance Agency Closter New Jersey

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Many families in the Closter, NJ area enjoy taking their RV and heading down the coast when the weather is warm. Whether you are keeping your travels in New Jersey or visiting other states, you may want to secure your vacation when purchasing RV Insurance with Retcho Agency.

Is It Required?

While the state of New Jersey does not require RV insurance, your lender could require it for the life of the loan. This is similar to having an automobile and the requirements that come with it. However, an RV does have to have a minimum amount of insurance, but there are benefits to choosing RV insurance.

What is Included?

If you purchase an RV insurance policy, you can get full coverage that includes the following:

  • Collision

  • Liability

  • Comprehensive (in dwelling state)

The collision protects you should you get in an accident with another motorist that is considered your fault. It will pay for the damages to your vehicle if they are covered.

A liability portion is a good option in case your RV causes an accident. You will have the insurance you need to cover others medically and the property damage.

Finally, the comprehensive component is slightly different from auto insurance. This part of the policy kicks in when your RV comes off the road and turns into a dwelling. Should your RV be a victim of theft, any contents inside can be replaced much easier than if you have standard auto insurance.

Get The Policy You Need Today

If you are an RV owner in or around the Closter, NJ area, contact our insurance agents at Retcho Insurance Agency for your personal RV insurance quote. We can give you an individual quote or discuss bundling options.

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