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Why a Basic Home Insurance Policy Isn't Always Sufficient

Updated: May 12, 2023

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A basic homeowners insurance policy is simply insufficient on occasion. It is crucial to keep your insurance coverage current as your career develops and your income rises. This saves you money by preventing costly coverage gaps and limits the amount of money you would have to pay out of pocket in the event of a claim. You need a home insurance policy that develops along with you if you want to be fully protected.

Because of this, insurance companies provide a variety of home insurance options, especially for people who require higher levels of security. If you fit any of the following descriptions, you might benefit from additional coverage:

  • Your home will cost between $500,000 and $3 million to completely rebuild.

  • Your house was specially built for you.

  • Your house has high-end appliances, custom cabinets, valuable collections of all kinds, marble countertops, and high-end electronics.

  • You need to safeguard sizable financial assets.

  • You are exposed to additional or special risks.

Your home insurance has options to quickly and affordably add comprehensive coverage to your policy without complicated endorsements or other issues.

These worthwhile choices consist of:

Extended dwelling coverage. Your current home insurance policy may not accurately reflect the true costs of rebuilding your home because full reconstruction costs are frequently higher than market value. In the event that the costs of construction or permits increase and exceed your current policy limits, extended dwelling coverage aids in your rebuilding. Debris removal, contractor fees, construction fees and permits, architect fees, and other costs might also be covered.

Building ordinance or law coverage. You must adhere to current building codes if your home needs to be rebuilt or repaired as a result of a covered loss. This could result in higher rebuilding costs than anticipated because codes change. Building ordinance coverage, or law coverage, is available for just such circumstances, and it may be able to save you thousands.

Replacement upfront coverage. After a covered total loss, you can opt not to rebuild at the original site using this loss settlement option. In this scenario, you will receive a payment that can be used to fund the purchase or construction of a new home in a different area.

Replacement cost coverage for personal property. With no deduction for depreciation, this aids in covering the costs of replacing personal property, such as electronics, artwork, jewelry, and furniture. As a result, rather than settling for something of lower quality, you'll receive the money required to purchase an item that is comparable or identical.

Coverage for personal offenses. This provides you with comprehensive defense against a range of legal actions and financial losses brought about by libel, slander, character assassination, invasion of privacy, and other offenses. This might include remarks you or your kids have made on social media.

Is your home insurance policy current? Contact your insurance agent to discuss your situation and get the protection you actually require if you're unsure or if you've outgrown your current coverage.

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