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Understanding General Liability


General Liability insurance can assist you in defending your business while you are busy starting and expanding it. It can be very expensive for your company to defend itself in court and pay out in damages if someone sues you because your company caused them harm or loss. When faced with unforeseen circumstances, having a general liability policy in place can mean the difference between keeping the doors open or closing down your business. What you need to know about this significant coverage is provided below.

General Liability Insurance: What Is It?

A general liability insurance policy protects your company's assets by paying for defense expenses, financial losses, and settlements for covered claims up to the policy's maximum. Despite your best efforts, accidents can still occur in the course of business. As an illustration, a client slips and hurts themselves on a wet floor. Your product breaks down and harms a customer's possessions. Your advertisement is allegedly violating the copyright of a rival. These are a few examples of accidents that might lead to complaints and legal action against your company.

General Liability insurance typically offers:

  • Premises liability insurance, protects you from the costs of accidents that happen on the premises of your business.

  • Protection from the costs of property damage and personal injuries brought on by your goods or services is provided by product liability insurance.

Protection against the costs associated with problems that arise from your work, such as slander, libel, wrongful eviction, copyright infringement, and more, is provided by personal and advertising injury liability coverage.

Is General Liability Insurance Necessary?

Although general liability insurance isn't usually required by law, it protects you and your company from the potentially ruinous costs associated with lawsuits and encourages ease of doing business.

When you sign a contract or apply for a license in a certain state, you might be asked to provide proof of general liability insurance. Before they will hire you as a vendor, some clients, particularly large organizations, may have General Liability insurance requirements. Some professional licenses, like those for plumbers and electricians, might call for general liability insurance. Finally, before renting you space, property management companies may require that you have general liability insurance.

Where Can I Buy General Liability Insurance?

General Liability insurance policies can be purchased separately or as a bundle with a thorough Business Owner's Policy. Your insurance agent can assist you in modifying your coverage to address the particular risks that your company faces. Additionally, they can help you set up the policy and teach you some shrewd business tactics that could prevent needless claims.

What Factors Affect My Insurance Price?

Your general liability insurance premium may vary depending on a number of variables, such as:

  • Type of business

  • Special coverage requirements, tailored to your specific operations

  • The size of your company

  • Your insurance claim history

  • Location

General liability premiums may be higher in certain professions and industries that are riskier or have a higher likelihood of lawsuits. Larger businesses or those who have filed numerous General Liability claims in the past might have to pay more.

Do All My Legal Risks Get Covered by General Liability Insurance?

The best place to start when looking for business protection is with general liability insurance. It does not, however, provide defense against all potential claims. In general, claims involving the caliber of your work or professional negligence are not covered. You can buy errors and omissions or professional liability insurance to safeguard yourself from the costs of these kinds of claims.

General Liability insurance coverage can be altered to suit the needs of your company. For instance, you might also want to take into account particular liability insurance policies that offer pertinent coverage for risks particular to your company, like liquor liability or pollution liability.

An umbrella policy can offer higher insurance limits in addition to your main general liability coverage for added security.

Contact Retcho Insurance Agency for more details on general liability and other business insurance options.

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