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The Basics of Protecting Your Business Premises

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Technology such as firewalls and two-stage authentication passwords don’t do anything to protect brick-and-mortar businesses. For that, you need real-life security that you can see and touch, in addition to your commercial insurance policy. Review these basics of protecting your business premises to make sure your business is secure.

The Basics of Protecting Your Business Premises

Buzzer-Entry System If your business is located in a high-crime neighborhood or openly displays very expensive merchandise such as precious gems and jewelry, consider installing a buzzer-entry system. This electronic system keeps your front door bolted shut unless an employee presses a release button inside your shop. Buzzer-entry systems allow your employee to visually appraise the customer before they enter the shop, to ensure that their intentions are honest.

Surveillance Cameras Surveillance cameras protect your business by discouraging would-be shoplifters. They can also help the police in identifying robbers and tracking down stolen merchandise. In addition, surveillance camera footage can be used in court to help win your case in the event of a commercial insurance claim due to damage on your business premises. Speak to your commercial insurance representative at Retcho Agency, serving Closter, NJ, and surrounding areas.

Store Safes Store safes keep excess cash and expensive merchandise safe from the hands of robbers who may force cashiers to empty cash register tills. Store safes can be programmed to only open at certain times during the business day. If your cashier makes regular deposits of cash through the secure system of a store safe, any robbers who infiltrate your business will only get a limited amount of cash. Security Alarms A security alarm system can easily be installed in your business in a discretionary way that prevents robbers from knowing that the police have been called. A discreet button is usually placed under the counter near the cash register. When the silent button is depressed, the local police station is alerted that their presence is needed at your business. Your cashier can continue to appear as though he is cooperating all the while the police are on their way.

Get The Right Insurance Coverage For Your Business Today For more information about protecting your business premises, contact Retcho Agency serving the greater Closter, NJ community.

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