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Quick Home Security Checklist

You're busy as usual, and you're leaving for the day. A quick look at the weather shows that rain is in the forecast. You go back for an umbrella, grab your raincoat, and turn around to nudge the door close behind you, neglecting to lock it. Looking around the house, you see the window over the sink is still open, but you figure it would help cool things down. You ignore the landscaping service leaflet tucked inside the screen door handle and proceed down the driveway.

Is that your current three-minute ritual before leaving the house? It can be stressful getting ready to leave the house, and a last-minute distraction may result in you neglecting to properly lock your property. However, these precautions might be critical in discouraging criminals from targeting your home. Making a three-minute home security checklist will help you make certain critical safety behaviors a habit.

Consider the following SAFE steps:

Protect your home: All windows and doors should be closed and locked throughout the year. An open window may provide fresh air, but it also serves as an invitation. Thieves passing out flyers may knock and check the door to see if it opens, allowing them easy entry to your home.

Arm your security system: Even if you're only running a quick errand, get into the habit of turning on your home security system at all times. Thieves can break into your home in minutes, therefore it is always best to leave your property secure.

Pay attention to the forecast: Check the weather prediction ahead of time so you can be prepared with appropriate weather clothing and have more time to focus on closing up your home.

Examine your exterior: Before you depart, examine the outside of your house for posters, newspapers, or anything else that might indicate your absence.

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