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more Home insurance FAQs

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Even if you have owned a home for years and had home insurance that entire time, you are likely still not an expert on the subject and have questions about coverage. In Closter, NJ, you can count on the experienced independent insurance agents at Retcho Agency. With more than 40 years of experience, we are able to give you the benefit of that knowledge as well as personalized service.

What types of weather events does home insurance cover? Damage due to rain, wind, snow, ice, hurricanes, and tornados is covered, but flooding is not even if the flood was caused by a hurricane.

How do I file a claim? Filing a claim with your insurance company is as easy as giving them a call and telling them what has happened. They will do the necessary investigation. It can be scary because if your home is damaged so badly that you can’t stay there, you need to have a place to stay. Your insurance company will work with you to keep you safe.

Why do I need a home inventory? When determining the amount of content coverage you need or will receive when you file a claim, your home inventory will make things go much more quickly.

What are some riders I may need for my home? Home insurance has limits on coverage for jewelry, antiques, art, money and gold coins, firearms, boats and trailers, and home business property. To get these items covered, you can add a rider.

What is owner neglect? Owner neglect is what the insurance company decides is failing to maintain your home. If you get termites and don’t treat your property, that is neglect. If your roof needs to be replaced, you need to replace it.

Get The Right Coverage For Your Home In Closter, NJ and the surrounding area, the Retcho Agency is the place to go for all your home insurance needs.

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