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Hair Salon and Barbershop Insurance

Updated: Jan 25

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You may believe that a hair salon or barbershop is among the least likely businesses to require professional liability insurance. On the other hand, barbershops and hair salons are extremely vulnerable and must be protected from lawsuits and claims. The following are five scenarios in which professional liability insurance would be useful if you own a barbershop or hair salon.

1. A Slip-and-Fall Mishap

Slip-and-fall accidents are common in commercial settings and can happen at any time. Such incidents occur when customers fall and injure themselves as a result of slick floor surfaces. Water, spilled drinks, hair chemicals, and other cleaning supplies can all cause a slip-and-fall accident. Your company is vulnerable because a customer who falls in your establishment can sue. Liability insurance may protect you from having to pay compensatory and punitive damages.

2. Negative Reaction to a Product

Another situation that could lead to disaster if you don't have insurance is an allergic reaction. Your product selection may not be suitable for all of your clients. You might use something on someone that causes itching, redness, hair loss, or worse. If the client suffers financial loss as a result of the injury, he or she may choose to sue the manufacturer who created the product. Alternatively, that individual may decide to sue you and your company.

3. A Hair Cutting Mishap

You never want to think about a hair-cutting mishap, but it could happen. It is best to plan ahead of time in case the situation arises. You never know when you'll need to assist an agitated child or a distracted adult who moves at the wrong time. As a professional, you will be the first to accept responsibility for the customer's injury. You can use an insurance policy to help you pay the client's medical bills. It can also assist you in paying for legal fees and other expenses.

4. Illegal Photo Use Claim

You may also encounter some unusual claims, such as one for unauthorized photo use. Assume you take photos of your clients while doing their hair and post them on your Facebook page to show them what you can do. You may be subject to a lawsuit or claim if you did not obtain their permission to use the photo. You may also suffer if someone believes you portrayed him or her in a negative light. If such a situation arose, the insurance could assist you in dealing with it.

5. A Harassment or Assault Incident

Harassment is another unforeseeable situation that could arise in your business. Harassment can be sexual or non-sexual, and it can come from customers who frequent your establishment or employees who work for you. There may be instances where a disagreement escalates into a brawl or fight. All of these situations can have a negative impact on your business and put you at risk of losing a significant amount of money if the court rules against you. It's a good idea to have personal liability insurance in case one of these strange situations occurs. When it comes to business security, you should always be three steps ahead.

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