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Get Ready Winterizing Your Vehicle

Updated: May 12, 2023

Winter Cleaning Car

You may believe that your automobile operates well without much maintenance all year, and that, aside from the occasional trip to the technician for an oil change, winter preparation is not high on your priority list. In fact, cold temperatures and ice roads can pose additional threats to drivers as well as additional seasonal strains on your vehicle. Aside from ensuring that your car is ready for slippery road conditions, it is also critical to ensure that it is in good mechanical condition to avoid becoming stranded when the temperature drops.

Before You Hit the Highway

If your car is not properly maintained, the cold, snow, and ice can make driving risky. Here are some tips to help you prepare your automobile for winter:

  • Check that all planned maintenance is up to date. Check the belts, fluids, and hoses with your mechanic to help lessen the danger of a mechanical breakdown. The mechanic should also look for holes, missing or loose clamps, and leaks in the exhaust system.

  • Make sure your tires are in good shape, properly inflated, and have enough of tread. If you reside in a region where heavy snowfall is typical, you should think about getting snow or winter tires installed.

  • Be aware of the numerous state rules that govern the usage of chains and studded tires.

  • Check the operation of your heater and window defrosters.

  • Check the operation of your lights and windshield wipers. Also, ensure that the reservoirs for your engine coolant and washer fluid are full and that the fluids are protected with an adequate proportion of antifreeze for the temperatures in the area where you will be driving.

  • Check the condition of your battery and connectors. Even modern batteries can fail if they become too cold or if the battery terminals are not clean and corrosion-free.

  • Check the level and weight of your oil (viscosity). At low temperatures, heavier oils thicken (become more viscous), making it more difficult to start the engine.

  • Check that your gas tank is full and that your phone is charged. In bad weather, roadways may be closed or backed up for hours.

  • Keep a winter survival kit in your car if you drive in isolated places or plan a long vacation.

We all know that winter can make driving conditions difficult. But we also know that proper planning may keep you safe even in the worst weather situations.

We urge you to travel cautiously in inclement weather and to avoid driving in blizzard conditions unless absolutely necessary.

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