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Don't Get Distracted Driving

makeup in car

  • The world record for applying eye makeup is 10 seconds, which is more than enough time to unexpectedly collide with a guardrail, ditch, or another vehicle.

  • Paint your nails while driving, and they'll dry quickly as your arms flail in frustration after a crash.

  • Shaving while driving can have disastrous consequences. A man can shave his face in 2 minutes, but it takes 6-8 weeks to heal a broken arm or wrist.

  • Do you brush your teeth during your morning commute? At 55mph, looking away from traffic for only 10% of that time means you're traveling the length of 2.5 football fields without looking.

  • Of course, your hair must be flawless. But don't look in the mirror instead of where you're going; finding a hairstyle that complements teeth lost in an accident is difficult.

  • Tweezing or filling those brows while driving takes only a few seconds, which is more than enough distraction time to earn a black eye that is sure to raise some eyebrows.

  • Using a skin cleanser, bronzer, lightener, exfoliant, or moisturizer while driving? Except for the expression of surprise and dismay you'll wear after your fender bender, your face will look fantastic.

Avoid taking a gruesome turn while driving by avoiding driving distractions. You'll arrive safely if you keep your eyes and full concentration on the road; that's how to look your best!

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